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Are you bending over the computer?  Feel back, neck, arms strain, have headaches? 
Changing how you sit will effect your entire body.  
(Desk Set up #1 see above picture)
Scroll down for more ideas.


desk set up #2

To reduce injury the keyboard and mouse 
should both be in the neutral zone, in gray.  The position with the 
least amount of arm, shoulder and  neck strain
is dead center in the neutral zone.  
I recommend  using the mouse with your left hand.  
( I know most of you are right handed - it is not that hard!)
Not only does this give your right hand a break, it allows you to work much closer to the center of the neutral zone.  
Note the ten key number pad is to the right of the letters on the keyboard.  This forces you to place the mouse further away from the center position when you use the mouse on the right.  
When the mouse is on the left it is closer to the center position and there by significantly reduces strain just by it's position.
Human Scale has keyboard trays with the most important features, including negative tilt, easy adjustability and great mouse adaptations.  They are competitively priced.

If they are out of you price range try a lap desk

Computer related ergonomic supplies shown below:

For suggestions on other ergo supplies
including pillows, cold packs, massage units, etc,
click here  Books click here

Mouse  great for:   standing presentations / desktop or laptop

Best results when you hold the mouse with two hands.
closes the chain, distributes strain across the neck and shoulders.
(Uneven strain  increases risks for computer pain syndrome.

Reduces Computer Pain Syndrome risk by:

encouraging neutral hand position

mouse held in midline position

Use of the index finger for left click.

Easy to switch left to right hand.


Obus Forme Backrest
This back support is firm enough provide good support with any chair.
Great for Air Travel.
(be sure to order the 2 handle model for plane trips.  You can use the top handle to strap the support to the carry-on)

Best Bargain
Everyone who uses a standard mouse  should try the Mouse Mate from Human Scale.


Available for $15.00 or less at Ergo works
or Google "Mouse Mate"



Whale mouse works similar to the Mouse Mate but costs much more
(click on picture for details)

Adjustable Lumbar Support

This is a good size and shape.
It inflates with air so you can have as much or as little support as you need.

It does not come with a strap.  
I recommend buying a strap.


Book /  Document holder   
This is very important if you do any data input.  There are document holders that stand to the side of the computer.  There are others that sit in front of your computer.  



Other vendors


North Coast Medical 
877 213-9300

Back Designs
(800) 466-1341


Keyboard trays  
can be very helpful.  The better ones have a negative tilt, tilts down to prevent upward tilt of the wrist.


North Coast Medical 
877 213-9300


Eastwinds™ Laptop Caddy

Found at :

Back Designs
(800) 466-1341


Tip the tray downward  to get a negative tilt for the keyboard.  (Negative tilt is achieved when you turn the laptop in the picture 180.)
Use two gel wrist rests to pad the hard black bar at the edge.  
Provides an ergonomically sound, custom-fit workstation wherever you need one.

The picture is not accurate.
Turn the laptop/keyboard around so the keypad tilts downward. 
It works best to buy a separate keyboard.  Use the caddy when as a keyboard tray when a keyboard tray is not feasible.  The laptop can be placed on the desk at the proper monitor height. 

Lap desk

Used for keyboard only. If you are using a laptop the laptop sits on a desk with the screen at eye level.  Put the keyboard & mouse on the lapdesk. 

Using a laptop without a separate keyboard and mouse puts you at risk for injury. Levenger.Com    (800) 466-1341 


Wristrest #1

Wristrest #2
Provides firm base for wristrest #2 Provide soft cushion for contact with wrist /forearm

Lap desk

Use the hand held mouse with this style keyboard tray.

When using a lap desk you should always use a wrist rest.

TIP: Place the gel wrist rest (#2) on top of the firm wrist rest (# !) to achieve the correct height. 

This positions the wrist in a straight line with the forearm.
The fingers dangle down slightly when typing.

Incorrect wrist alignment is the number one cause of
wrist and forearm pain. 
TIP  Push the keyboard forward so you are resting your
forearm, not your wrist,
on the wrist rest. 

No more tired arms and shoulders from holding a book to read. 

No more stiff neck from looking down to read a book placed in your lap. 

This is a great tool.

If you are resting your forearms on the desk
and the edge is cutting into your arm a

Soft/Flexible Edge Protector  can help.
Edge Protector

800 225-2610

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3004 16th Street, # 303
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